Annual meeting 2023

The 4th annual meeting of the AK Labour Geography took place from 09-10 February 2023 at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB).

The meeting was organized by Tatiana López, Anne Engelhardt, Isabella Stingl, Barbara Orth, Yannick Ecker und Alica Repenning.


Thursday, February 9th / Donnerstag 09. Februar

Willkommen, Kennenlernen & Icebreaker/ Welcome, Getting to know each other & Icebreaker

Gemeinsame Diskussion: Labour Geography im deutschsprachigen Kontext – State of the Art und aktuelle Fragen/ Joint discussion: Labour Geography in the German-speaking regions – State of the Art and Current Issues

Kaffeepause/ coffee break

Arbeitsgruppen zu Forschungsfeldern/ Working groups on research fields

  • Organisierungsprozesse/ Organizing Processes
  • Gender & Soziale Reproduktion / Gender & Social Reproduction
  • Digitalisierung/ Digitization
  • Forschungsmethodik/ Research Methodology
  • Staat, Regulierung & Governance/ State, Regulation & Governance
  • Wertschöpfungsketten/ Value chains
  • Naturverhältnisse/ Nature relations

Kaffeepause/ coffee break

Zusammenführung der Ergebnisse aus den Arbeitsgruppen & Diskussion im Plenum/ Consolidation of the results from the working groups & plenary discussion

Kaffeepause/ coffee break

Keynote: Kendra Strauss: Towards a feminist and anti-racist Labour Geography (hybrid)

Gemeinsamer Weg zum Abendessen/ Joint transfer to dinner

Gemeinsames Abendessen/ Joint dinner

Friday, 10 February / Freitag, 10. Februar

Thematische Sessions mit Vorträgen oder Textdiskussionen I/ Thematic sessions with lectures or reading group discussions I

Session Ia: Labour in agriculture

  • Miriam Wenner: Assembling fair labour. Moral values and private sustainability standards at Indian tea plantations and natural stone pits
  • Louisa Prause: Rethinking precision agriculture from a labor perspective

Session Ib: Spaces of work and reproduction

  • Jenny Kunhardt: “Where do the workers live who build my house?” – Conceptualising housing supply for temporary EU workers in Germany
  • Nikos Gatsinos: Collaborative Workspaces and precariousness in rural and peripheral areas
  • Samil Sarikaya: „Where is the Street of Arabs?“ New Aspects of Berlin’s Sonnenallee

Kaffeepause/ coffee break

Thematische Sessions mit Vorträgen oder Textdiskussionen II/ Thematic sessions with lectures or reading group discussions II

Session IIa: Structural change and labour dynamics

  • Márton Czirfusz: Labour geography of the battery value chain in Hungary: towards a new phase of dependent development?
  • Nora Küttel: Loss in transformation: Labor, loss, and place in East German shipyards
  • Elisabeth Bartl, Udo Brixy, Jürgen Schmude: Development and dynamics of the tourism labour market since 2019

Session IIb: Labour in the digital platform economy

  • Sina Hardaker und Paulina Doll: Canvassers for digital online platforms? The division of labour in case of eBay and municipal actors
  • Veronique Helwing: Trucking (Un)limited – the Impact of Digital Platforms on Labour in the Logistics Sector
  • Antonie Schmitz, Sylvana Jahre, Barbara Orth: Infrastrukturelle Perspektiven auf Plattform-Urbanismus – Die Rolle von Körpern und Migrationsregimes

Mittagessen/ Lunch

Unsere eigenen Arbeitsgeographien – Akademisches Arbeiten zwischen Prekarität und Widerstand/ Our Own Labour Geographies – Academic Work between Precarity and Resistance (hybrid)
Workshop facilitated by Stephan Liebscher: Organising in Academia. An international exchange between NGAWiss (Germany) and the UCU (UK).

Kaffeepause/ coffee break

Organisatorisches, Ankündigungen & Wahlen/ Organizational matters, announcements & elections

Ende / End